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These notes are observations I made during the Wikimania 2013 conference and ideas that formulated during discussions with other volunteers.


Central archiving server for Wikimedia chapters

Approach/Continue discussion with Charles (WMCH) to consider lobbying other chapters to buy a server and hard drives that can then be used by chapters to store administrative documents etc in a central server./space where privacy issues are not existant.

The above would be an alternative to drop box and google drive. The files would have to be proporley incripted by whichever chapter using/saving the files.

Template translating and hervesting bot for small wikipedias

Editing small languages wikipedias is difficult due to complexities of templates which look very good on English wikipedias. A discussion with a member of Wikimedia Columbia working group (????) highlighted a need for a bot that can do the following:

  • Harvest templates on english wikipedias
  • Harvest translations of displayed tags through Translate wiki tool and database?
  • Return a template mark up that volunteers can paste onto a small wikipedia.

The bot can serve this purpose and can then be used by volunteers to create reasonable stubs that include a template and two - three lines on the small language wikipedia project. New users can then be channeled to these stubs to improve them.


A suggestion/concerpt proposed by a member of Wikimedia Canada (?????) to create a sister project that can:

  • Create a platform for language preservation.
  • create a platform to teach a smakl language.

Oral citation

A revival of Archal Prabala's "Oral Citation" project to assist in above project of wikilang.

Activating Southern African editors through IEG

Discuss with Iolanda Pensa to begin a project of activating existing/new editors within SADEC region through:

  • Sourcing contemporary art, Cultural heritage etc
  • Setting the above meta data up for use in wikipedia
  • Arrange for ediors to complete translations etc...

Discuss with Archal on how to model a 12 month grant that can be used to do this.

Wiki Indaba

Delegates from Africa met to discuss the proposal to hold a wiki indaba in SA and consensus was reached that a conference should be held in for discussing African user groups and chapters. The following people were present:

Participants of resolution

  1. Peter Gallert (Namibia)
  2. Nhlanhla Mabaso (South Africa - Interest)
  3. Oarabile Mudongo (Botswana)
  4. Isla Haddow (South Africa - Africa Centre)
  5. Dumisani Ndubane (South Africa)
  6. Douglas Scott (South Africa)
  7. Moronge Obonyo (Kenya)

Endorsers in principle

  1. AH Hamdi (Egypt)
  2. m mustafa (Egypt)
  3. Heather Ford (South Africa - Diaspora)
  4. Waldir Pimenta (Cape Verde)
  5. Sandister Tei (Ghana)

Outside supports

  1. Patricio lorente (Argentina)


It was resolved that the the conference should be moved to end of February 2014.

Review of project submission to WMF

The proposal to WMF to revised to clarify the following items:

Who is the conference aimed for?
  • Active editors in Africa.
  • Partner individuals to be workshoped and trained to become active editors.
Cost considerations.
Measures of success.
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