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  1. Strategic priorities
  2. Participatory grant making
  3. Impact reports


Strategic priorities:

All projects that we participate in should achieve specific out comes that talk to our strategy.

Will this increase the number people exposed to our projects?
Will it increase number of editors?
Will it increase amount of quality content in WM Projects?
Outcome of discussions
It is important for entities to chose strategic priority which they will concentrate on right from the start. It is possible to achieve all the strategic goals, however it is advised to narrow focus of interest and focus of priority.

In general Quality is seen as the better strategic goal and as far as possible should be prioritized. All must be done in context to the environment and background conditions.

Participatory grant making:

  • Organizational capacity is greater when groups reach volunteers of +50 and have strong volunteer management model. NB
  • It is key for a movement to develop the ability to adapt. (Adaptive capacity).
  • We must improve our ability to recruit, manage and engage volunteers in order to grow.
  • Research to concentrate on the following aspects:
    • How do we define effectiveness? (Understanding Impact).
    • What are the different capacities of groups that are tied to impact? (Group self-assesment)
    • How can groups build the right kinds of capacity to be more effective? (Roadmap for capacity building)

Side notes and future reading:

Impact reports:

  • Shift away from giving more money to more resources.
  • Shift away from supporting more offline work and more online.
  • Shift away from supporting organizations and more on individuals.
  • Shift away from supporting Global North and more towards Global South.
  • Shift away from supporing male and more Female. (Diversity)
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