Board Meeting 26 January 2021

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Wikimedia-ZA board meeting 26/1/2021 at 19:06-20:03



  • Michael Graaf
  • Rossouw van Rooyen
  • Bobby Shabangu: Chair
  • Deon Steyn
  • Douglas Ian Scott
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Coenraad Loubser


  • Wynand Van der Walt
  • Delight Tshipundza


  • Wikipedia 20 media review
  • admin hiring status
  • outstanding debt issue
  • Vouchers for writing competition
  • invoice for aloe book

-Wikipedia loves science -Wikimedia Board 2021 Outreach Strategy

Wikipedia 20

  • Review of our impact for the Wikipedia 20th birthday event. A detailed account can be found on meta. Can also find a list on the *Wikimedia ZA list of media mentions for 2021. Deon gives an update on his interviews. African birthday webinar was hosted as well which Bobby was involved in organising.

Admin hiring status

Bobby gives update on hiring process. Second batch of interviews being done. We will then enter the payment negotiations. Background checks on at least one of the most promising chandiates has been done.

Outstanding debt issue

Bobby gives an overview of the Dumi debt issue with the chapter. Douglas gives an account of the debt issue as well. Dumi has paid off most of the debt already. However SARS regulations requires that interest be charged on the debt which as resulted in a debt recorded by the auditors that currently exceeds the principle. Looks like the problem will get worse and more complex if left unattended.

Coenraad proposes a motion to write off Dumi's debt to the chapter. Douglas seconds. Bobby, Michael: yes; Deon, Rossouw, Nobantu: abstains 4 vote in favour, 3 abstentions, 0 against: motion passes. Chair notes this to be passed as a resolution.

> It is brought up that we need to vote more frequently on decisions made by the board.


  • Bobby suggests that we consider subscribing to a streaming service like Streamyard.

Coenraad asks why not use the free services on Youtube with Youtube's chat - and just stream a web conference from someone's desktop? It's just a way to stream to Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube at the same time without having to do it manually. What's the benefit of not just posting links to Youtube on those? Douglas replies that it is not a conferencing service like Zoom. Cost $45/year (Coenraad dropped off here, bad connection)

  • Rossouw suggests that we consider using Andrew Lin's Streamyard account so as to be more frugal instead of just getting and paying for a chapter account. Thereby saving on overhead. Agreement to ask Andrew.


Deon is looking for vouchers for the Afrikaans writing competition. Suggestion that an invoice for the vouchers be sought from either Amazon or Takealot and that invoice be sent to Wikimedia South Africa to pay.

Aloes book

Request that Deon send the reciept to Douglas so it can be sent onto the book keepers for reimbursement

Wikipedia loves science

Will happen in November & December 2021. Agreement to split the plant photos for Wiki loves Fynbos which the chapter will host. Deon and Douglas will talk more with each other about Wiki Loves Fynbos and how to make it happen. (Coenraad back)

End of meeting.

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