Board Meeting 15 December 2020

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WMZA Board 15 Dec 2020


  • Michael Graaf
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Douglas Scott
  • Deon Styen
  • Ian Gilfilan (left after handover)
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Wynand Van Der Walt



  • Afrikaans Ontkienmingskompetisie
  • Handover (Ian)
  • WikimediaZA executive Assistant Position update
  • WikimediaZA Outreach Strategy 2021
Bobby to present in early 2021 in second week in January. From there we can finalise strategy in first week in February. Wynand to share presentation to Universities with group as it may have bearing on the Outreach Strategy.
  • Jitsvinger: Michael shared a radio interview a few months ago where three people were interviewed about the history and diversity of Afrikaans. In the ::Board WhatsApp group we agreed to reach out to the 3 and Michael volunteered to do one, Quinton Goliath whose artistic name is Jitsvinger.. He only got back to Michael since the AGM and the correspondence is continuing. Michael suggested that this could feed into the Outreach Strategy.
  • Wikipedia Birthday
  • Report
  • Quarterly news letter proposal - Admin person to help.
  • Board information. To be discussed as part of Outreach Strategy.


  • Ian expains the need for a handover of critical information about the tools the chapter uses. Need to decide who will get access to this. Important that the chapter does not get too reliant on the assistant to have access to this as when they might leave we might loose access to some of these tools.
  • Twitter account - Ian
  • CPanel for website & Wiki - Ian
  • Chapter Mailing list - Ian & Douglas
  • Instagram - Adri
  • LinkedIn - Wynand and Douglas
  • Facebook - Ian, Bobby, and Douglas
  • Zoom - Bobby, Douglas, Ian

Agreement to centralise all the info for easy and secure use.


  • Wynand presented: Tuesday 8th December - Wikipedia in African Libraries project. Ingrid Thomson and Bobby also scheduled to present.
  • Van der Walt, W. 2020. Using Wikimedia projects within institutions of Higher Learning. e/Merge Africa webinar. 18 November. President of LIASA, Nikki Crowster, indicated that she would appreciate a formal agreement (strategic partnership) with WikimediaZA.

Wikipedia Birthday

WMF asks for people who they can recommend to do intereviews with the media

  • Will recomenned
  • Douglas
  • Deon
  • Nobantu

Bobby can not do it due to the requriments of the United Nations who he works for.


Board thanked Douglas for his leadership over the past 5 years.

Next Meeting

12 January 2021

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