Board Meeting 12 January 2021

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Board Meeting 15 December 2020 - 19:00 SAST

WMZA Board 15 Dec 2020


  • Douglas (until 19:30 when I have to attend another meeting)
  • Wynand van der Walt
  • Michael Graaf
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Deon Steyn


Wikipedia 20 birthday

  • Who is doing what
  • Bobby: Secured two speakers: Dumi and Klauss (Goethe Institute - Southern Africa) for GLAM Partners, Bobby also draft "personlised" e-mail for use to invite individuals that would be interested, and are potential strategic partners.
  • Douglass, Nobantu, Dumi and Deon doing media interviews.
  • Douglass doing press conference with Cape Town Press club on Tuesday 19 Jan 2021.


  • Nobantu: Sent invite to Wikimedians that attended Wikimania 2018 event to compiling "happy birthday" videos to share at the event.
  • Douglas: Press Club (NGO) presentation next Tuesday at 13:00, including: Diversity, Africa Language Support, Fighting Disinformation, Visibility; Regional context. Focus area increasing wikipedia editor base. Douglas will ensure links to streaming available.
  • Deon:to do an inteview with Pretoria FM on Saturday at 14:30 about Wikipedia's 20th birthday, proporsal to ask for podcast and contact details for the producers of the show for database.
  • Michael: highlighlited on WhatsApp's privacy policy, proporsal was reached by the way to consider different platforms.There should be a gradual migration from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal, decision to be taken on suitable platfom by board.
  • Message: on Media Strategy
  • Increase general awareness of Wikipedia and how it works
  • Need for greater diveristy
  • African language Wikipedias
  • Expanding content (more Africa relavent content for example)
  • Fighting disinformation/misinformation
  • For Future Discussion: Do we invest in own streaming software? - Douglas
  • Wynand: Bobby to share personalised messages of Invitation to the Wikipedia's birthday to board members to invite more participants from GLAM institutions.
  • Wynand: proposed that Nobantu handle the PR and Communications of the Chapter: Proporsal accepted by the baord.
  • Nobantu accepted.
  • Next meeting: 19 Jan 2021
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