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  • Douglas Scott (CPT)
  • Maarten Deneckere (DBN)
  • Dumisani Ndubane (PRT)
  • David Richfiel (PRT)
  • No apologies received


  • WMZA has 18 members. A quorum is present: 20% of 18.

Agenda items

Review and approve proxy attendees

No proxy requests received.

Review nominations of directors to fill board vacancies.

No nominations received.

Voting (open ballot) on new directors

Deferred. Maarten is willing to take the role of treasurer following Lourie's resignation. All members present are agreed.

Remuneration of directors

Subject to the Memorandum of Association and the Statutes the directors may pay any director who serves on any committee or who devotes special attention to the business of the company, or otherwise performs services which in the opinion of the directors are outside the scope of the ordinary duties of a director, such extra remuneration as they may determine.

Conditions for remuneration

  • Work outside of the ordinary duties of a director, and outside normal volunteer effort.
  • Work done as part of project and budgeted for.
  • Reasonable evidence is needed that the director is taking time out of normal duties (e.g. evidence of leave taken from work)
  • Rates for project work will be set up per project, on a "going rate" basis for the work required.
  • This is also open to members who are not directors?

WCA Representation

  • 2013: Dumisani and David will represent South Africa; Maarten will attend as part of the Belgian delegation.
  • WM ZA should look into a policy to send people to meetings abroad (Wikimania, WCA, ...). These assignents may be sought after, and we should have a fair policy.

Directors and bank accounts

  • Need to amend director list. David and Dumisani to review process after the meeting.
  • After director list has been amended, amend signatories of FNB account: David, Dumisani and Maarten.

Status report: JoburgpediA

  • We are currently not allowed to use Wikipedia wordmark or trademarks: this will not significantly impact the project.
  • Maintenance of plaques: If the City of JHB is willing to maintain the plaques along with their own plaques, WMF might allow us to use the trademarks.
  • We can use QRPedia: the ownership problems have been sorted out.


  • We will ask WMUK for initial funding. Mike Peel is a key contact. Douglas to make initial contact.
  • Cost of tiles: R48000 - approximately GBP 3550 at current rates.
  • Joburg heritage is interested in editathons - they have pictures and info to donate.

Next meeting

  • Directors meeting: 30 March 2013
  • General meeting: 27 April 2013
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