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Bid structure

I got some interesting feedback by WMF personel during different talk on bidding on Wikimania during the last days. Just wanted to share.

We should structure out bid in the following way:

Take away possible resistance. 
Subjects that could lead to people not attending the conference. Examples:
  • visa issues (SA is visa friendly, not really a problem);
  • LGBT;
  • Low budget travellers. Proof that the whole travel costs, including accomodation, cost of public transport, eating out ... are reasonable
  • Safety & security ("it's not Joburg")
  • Invalid persons

Make sure the people are really interested
by focussing on high-impact groups. Examples:
  • People that want to travel while being in SA (-> arrange for some tours afterwards, team up with CPT tourism office),
  • People with children
  • Germans/Dutch/... (-> collaboration with the Deutsche Schüle, Huis der Nederlanden, ...)
  • Internet addicts (góód wireless)
  • Software developers (team them up with existing teams in CPT)
  • Foodies (If I just could take Charly's Bakery back home...)

Experience from previous editions

  • set up a "safe space" where anyone who experiences anything unpleasant at the event (e.g. unwanted advances, aggresive attitudes, etc) can go for advice and support
  • set up a quiet connected space for last minute proposal writing, Skype chats or just recharging computers and devices. A few if those non branded vodacom charging stations that they have at the airport would be great to have around the place!
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