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PLACEHOLDER FOR Proposed logo of Wiki Indaba 2013
Official project name
Wiki Indaba 2013
Project start date (include month, day, and year)
28 Nov 2013
Project completion date (include month, day, and year)
01 Dec 2013
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This is a gathering of African Wikimedia Chapters and Open Learning Thematic Groups based in Africa.
Project Leads
Dumisani Ndubane
Douglas Scott


Access to mobile devices is on the increase in Africa and is expected to intensify in the next few years, dramatically increasing Africa's online presence. In order to take advantage of this projected growth, it is therefore pertinent that Wikipedia and Wikimedia structures must be established and strengthened in Africa.

The establishment of Wikimedia regional co-operations in regions such as South America and Asia has assisted in the progressive and systematic growth of awareness and coverage of Wikipedia in these regions. This conference is the first step towards the establishment of African co-operation structure/organ made up of Wikimedia Chapters, Wikimedians and mission aligned Thematic Organizations.

Wikimedia South Africa will host this first and historic conference.


The aim of this project is to facilitate links between African Wikimedia Chapters and Thematic groups through dialogue. This we hope will also assist in increasing Wikipedia coverage and footprint in Africa. This is the first regional conference to be held in Africa and for African Chapters, the least Wikipedia covered region of the world.

Impact and Monitoring

This project is expected to assist African Wikimedia chapters to build local capacity and to improve regional co-operation.

Fit to strategy

This Conference will support the following key organizational objectives of Wikimedia:

  • Increasing reach of Wikimedia in Africa by promoting formation of Wikimedia Chapters,
  • Increasing participation and co-operation of African chapters,
  • Increase quality of administration and transparency in governance for existing chapters,
  • Afford new and forming chapters to engage each other and the Foundation on challenges of professionalisation,


This project will benefit local small African chapters.

External Portal and discussions

Discussions on this project can also be found here:

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