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* [[Code of Discipline for Members]]
* [[Code of Discipline for Members]]
* [http:// Code of Discipline for Directors]
== Articles of Assocation ==
== Articles of Assocation ==
* [[:Article_of_Association|Articles of Association]]
* [[:Article_of_Association|Articles of Association]]

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Wikimedia South Africa is a legal representative of All wikimedians who live and work in the Republic of South Africa. It is an affiliate member of Wikimedia Foundation, and thus an official representative of this mother body in the Republic of South Africa.

Wikimedia South Africa aligns and subscribes to the general regulations and codes of the mother body, yet as an independent entity acts and governs itself according to codes and values agreed with, and as elected and adopted by its constituates. This page offers an overview of by laws that bind all members of Wikimedia South Africa.


Wikimedia South Africa was registered in terms of the Companies Act on 25 February 2012.

Codes of Conduct

Articles of Assocation

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