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*[ More photos by David Richfield.]
*[ More photos by David Richfield.]
*[ More photos by the African Commons Project]
*[ More photos by the African Commons Project]

Latest revision as of 20:09, 27 December 2012

The chapter has been formed as a Section 21 Company under South African law. The relevant articles are here:

The discussion around these documents was held on the relevant talk page. Most of the comments were moved to the archive to allow for easier reading.


[edit] Proposed Timeline

Activity Time Responsible Status
Decide on a legal structure. Done Tobias to report back. Yes check.svg Done
Draft the constitution with input from local Wikipedians. 2 months Administration team. Please see the relevant page. Yes check.svg Done
Send constitution to WMF and discussion process leading to final approval. 2 months Administration team and TACP. Yes check.svg Done
Appoint/agree/vote for directors. 2 to 4 weeks Members. See Directors Yes check.svg Done
Register the Chapter locally. 2 months The African Commons Project. Yes check.svg Done
Develop Wiki presence. 2 to 4 weeks Administration team and TACP. Yes check.svg Done
Public launch. Planning 2 months (planning can commence during registration) Still to be decided. Yes check.svg Done

[edit] Wits Workshop 2010

All the information regarding the Wits Workshop of 2010 is moved to the following page: Wits_Workshop.

[edit] Wikimania 2012 Bid

Charlene, Kerryn, Ian, Lourie and David put together a bid to host Wikimania 2012 in Stellenbosch. The bid page is located here: Stellenbosch. The bid process was instructive, but we were beaten by an excellent bid by Washington DC.

[edit] Regional conference

Let's look at the feasibility for hosting a regional Wiki conference. Following the South African team's almost-successful bid for Wikimania 2012, it might be a great idea to put that thinking towards hosting a regional conference in 2012 so that it builds momentum and consolidation on the African continent - where there are pockets of people working who don't necessarily know one another. See the following page for a more detailed discussion: Wikimedia South Africa/Regional conference.

[edit] History

  • The process has stopped and stalled a few times before, but began again in earnest in May 2010, with assistance from Achal Prabhala, who helped with a similar process in India, Nhlanhla Mabaso and the African Commons Project.
  • A workshop was held at Wits on August 7 and 8 2010, resulting in the initial timeline, and much of the draft vision, purpose and possible initiatives.
  • The administrative team held a meeting on 15 January 2012 to discuss the way forward. The minutes are located here: AdminMeeting1.

[edit] Jan 2011 Press release

David created a draft press release for the 10th birthday celebrations. Please take a look and make suggestions: Jan 2011 press release draft.

[edit] Media

[edit] Gallery

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