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* So far they did all of the work already and we would like to use this as an opportunity to get them more closely involved.
* So far they did all of the work already and we would like to use this as an opportunity to get them more closely involved.
== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
* More information at [[09-02-13-GeneralMeeting-Agenda]]
* More information at [[23-02-13-GeneralMeeting-Agenda]]

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[edit] Minutes

[edit] Review and approval of agenda

  • Approved.

[edit] Approval of previous meeting minutes (2012-11-17-Minutes)

  • Approved.

[edit] State of Wikimedia ZA

Summary of where we are as an organization:

  • Bank account setup and funding received from WMF (Wiki Loves Monuments 2012)
  • WLM 2012 successfully run and completed
  • Registered as a tax exempt organization in South Africa

Summary of state of Wikimedia South Africa to be drafted for release to Wikimedia global mailing lists:

  • Dumisani will send out to WMZA board list for review

[edit] Organizational structure

  • Membership list must be updated (David to action)
  • Need to appoint two directors: call special general meeting. (David to action: draft request sent)

[edit] Accounts

  • FNB account is still open
    • Contains ZAR 3-4k
    • We do not have control of that account.
    • Only Charlene and Mohau are signatories on that account.
    • We need a written change of directors for FNB to release the funds.
  • ABSA Small business account currently in Lourie's name
    • Very high banking costs (+- R400 per month)
    • Funds should be transferred as soon as possible
  • Need to get audited (2012) and submit whatever is required by SARS.
    • Lourie to confirm requirements and recommend auditor.

[edit] Funding

Requirements for WMZA to become eligible for FDC funding:

  • Annual activity report (2012)
  • Annual financial report (2012)
  • Grant report (WLM 2012)

[edit] Technical aspects

  • Lourie will transfer the technical information about our servers and websites etc. to David.
  • David will create email addresses for board positions (e.g. secretary@wikimedia.org.za).
  • Account at host is moved into David's name (https://www.serv.co.za).
  • Seems like everything is working without any issues.

[edit] Current projects

  • Wikimania 2014 bid (Douglas).
  • Language-related program: Small-language Wikipedias (Dumisani).

[edit] Review previous year

[edit] Legal matters

  • Outstanding: David to draft official notification to Charlene that she has been removed from the board, to be sent by registered mail.
  • Mohau still to remove directors that have left and add new directors. Dumisani to follow up with him.
  • Public Benefit Organization registration at SARS (Douglas):
  • Company registration documents required.

[edit] Decision on Wikimania 2014

[edit] Pros

  • 20 years of SA democracy
  • Cape Town Global Design Capital in 2014
  • Wikimania hasn't been in Africa since 2007
  • It would build capacity in WMZA
  • It would raise our profile

[edit] Cons

  • London has a powerful bid already
  • We still have low capacity: although we can hire event organizers, we still need people to organize breakaway events etc.
  • Need a well-connected team of at least 4 members who can dedicate serious time to the bid.
  • London will be likely to support and help us after they've done Wikimania: we will be able to learn from them.
  • CTICC is the most natural venue and is often booked far in advance, but a new convention center (BMW pavilion in Waterfront) will be done by then.
  • 2015 will give us more time to develop outreach projects (e.g. GLAM events) to connect to bid.
  • If we have a successful bid and an unsuccessful Wikimania, it will raise our profile for the wrong reasons.

[edit] Decision

Recommend to postpone bid proposal to 2015 Wikimania. Send out request now for team members who can commit to putting together a full and 100% awesome bid for 2015.

  • Douglas will email the board list an email informing them that we will be 'postponing' our 2014 bid to 2015 for the above mentioned reasons.
  • Outsourcing: is about building contacts and resources for 2015

[edit] Decision on WikiIndaba

[edit] Goals for Wikimedia ZA

  • Demonstrate our organizational capabilities
  • Share our experiences of setting up a chapter
  • Build African capacity

[edit] Event Goals

  • Give regional members a chance to share project experiences

[edit] Scope

  • African countries only (keep it manageable)
  • Invite WMF global development colleagues.
  • Weekend (Friday evening until Sunday evening)

[edit] Venue

  • Johannesburg (save on flights)
  • Premier hotel (save on rental cars / transport)

[edit] Timing

  • November seems logical - timeline works out; David to post timeline on Wiki.

[edit] Start planning for WLM 2013

  • Work with NHC to secure funding (Dumisani).
  • Get at least 5 provinces involved.
  • Social development focus:
    • Nomination of monuments for consideration for national monuments list.
    • Solicit nominations as part of run-up to competition (July and August).
    • Photographs of nominated monuments during September.
  • Create categories on Commons for pictures of nominated monuments.
  • Work more closely with SAHRA to get good database in time.

[edit] Including report on WLM 2012

[edit] Projects and Outreach for 2013

[edit] GLAM Activities

  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 (See previous section)
  • Train the Trainer (David to set up proposal)

[edit] JoburgpediA

  • Get funding (possibly from City of Joburg or WMUK) for pilot project on 10 buildings in 2013, hopefully leading into a full project (Jo'burgpediA).

[edit] Wiki Loves Metro

  • Follow-up from JoburgpediA.
  • Run as schools project with prizes and hopefully creating articles in local languages.
  • Get City of Joburg to buy into it before launch, as it will raise their profile as well.

[edit] Wikipedia Zero

  • Emailed Praekelt Foundation and Wikimedia Zero to set up meeting. (David and Dumisani to follow up)

[edit] Discuss procedures for compensation of directors taking time off work for WMZA activities

  • ZAR1000 per day put forward.
  • Add to agenda of next General Meeting.
  • Procedure for approval to be in line with current financial approval limits
  • Approval will only be given in line with budgeted items on WMZA projects.
  • Documentation must be given to prove that leave was taken on that day.

[edit] Approve new director (will solicit applications before meeting)

  • Will be addressed at 9 February General Meeting.

[edit] Wikimedia Chapters Association representative nominations

  • David nominated by Dumisani; seconded by Lourie and Douglas. Dumisani to post nomination to chapter mailing list.
  • Dumisani moves that the General Secretary will be our chapter representative unless otherwise decided.

[edit] Delegates for Wikimedia Conference 2013

  • Takes places in Milan, Italy.
  • The conference will be 18 - 21 April.
  • We will confirm our representatives at the next meeting.
  • They have the full mandate to act on behalf of the chapter.

[edit] South African Wikipedias portal

  • Decided to follow the recommendation of Hugo and Daniel, and asked Hugo to implement it.
  • So far they did all of the work already and we would like to use this as an opportunity to get them more closely involved.

[edit] Next Meeting

[edit] Attendees

[edit] Apologies

  • MADe (talk) 10:23, 23 December 2012 (SAST)
  • Mohau Monaledi
  • Isla Haddow-Flood
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