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Hi guys, I would like us to make an effort to meet in the morning at 07:30am at the Dorm canteen to discuss as Wikimedia ZA and to conclude the necessary resolutions we need to take in order to advance Wikimedia ZA moving forward.

I propose that we defer discussion on projects to the AGM of 1st September 2013.

I propose that David update us on the changing of directors issue.

I also propose that the following resolutions be taken:

  1. That Mr David Richfield and myself be mandated to open a separate club account as a temporary solution to our legal embargo problem.
  2. That an option for either David and Douglas, or Douglas and Myself be mandated to open the account should the above not be possible.

We must also finalise a task lift for the next three weeks to each board member.--Dumisani (talk) 17:27, 10 August 2013 (UTC)

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