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Form CoR 15.1E - Non Profit Companies with members

25 February 2012
Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
Republic of South Africa
Memorandum of Incorporation of Wikimedia ZA
Which is referred to in the rest of this Memorandum of Incorporation as "the Company".
The Company is a Non Profit company with Members, with the following objects:

The main object of the Company is:
To support a vibrant multilingual and multicultural content community that generates and disseminates content taht is used and understood by local and global community. In doing so, the project will provide a channel for communication between the Wikimedia community, other free culture and open software communities, and institutions and repositories that are the guardians of local content, with goal to further awareness and understanding of the Wikimedia projects; and ultimately to ensure access to knowledge for all South Africans.
Other Objectives include:

  • To develop and support the South African Wikimedia Communities
  • To protect, preserve and promote local cultures, other African Wikimedia communities
  • To support and facilitate the sharing of knowledge in all South African languages, thus contributing to the development of local language on Wikimedia;
  • To spread awareness of the Wikimedia projects as a significant resource within universities, archives, museums and other relevant communities, and to also actively engage with them; and
  • Act as the conduit between editors, writers and specialists within the community to support the growth and sustainability of high quality local content.

Taken from page 13 of the CoR 14.3 form submitted to the CIPC a copy of which is aviable here.

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