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We are on social media, mailing lists, Zulip, and of course Meta!

You can join the Wikimedia ZA mailing list at the link here. This is a great way to receive updates from our community in your mailbox, and when you respond your response will go out to everyone else who is subscribed. It is our policy that should anyone wish to be removed from the mailing list that they remove them selves by following the instructions on the above page.

We also have an online chat application that works like slack, where you can catch up on past conversations and ask questions about finding your way on the various Wikis, called Zulip, which you are more than welcome to join - be sure to introduce yourself and work through the orientation.

Then, where the real meta-work with Wikimedia happens, is at If you create a user account there, communicating with others working on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects will be a lot simpler.

Also feel free to browse your favorite social media channels such as Facebook WikimediaZA" or Twitter wikimedia_za for Wikimedia South Africa.

There is currently also an Afrikaans mailing list - as well as a Facebook group.

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