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Concept of Measures of success

  • What are we trying to achieve with wikipedia? collecting sum of knowledge?

Measures of success

  • Well defined goals yield --> clear measures of success.
  • Who wants to know this any way? Project leads? WMF? and why?
    • Financial accountability
    • Impact analysis
  • How to measure success without infringing on privacy?
  • How do we measure legacy success.
  • How to document and measure unexpected success?

Activating a reading Community

You need to have a reading community before you can expect an editing community. Barriers for reading communities:

  • Accessibility: Access to technology.
  • Make wikipedia more visible to these reading communities.
  • Allow enough time for such a community to form.

Whose responsibility is it to create a reading community???

Sister projects

What other projects besides wikipedia that are suitable for new users?

  • Wikisource?
  • Wikidata?
  • Wikiversity?
  • Commons?


  • Reports, who reads them and where do the supporting documents reside?

Fail Report

WMFR came out with a concept of analysis areas where they are failing and document these. This to be done in a manner that is not self punitive but draws lessons from it...

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