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Chairpersons Meeting with Lila (WMF ED). 08/08/2014
  • WMFR: Suggestion for FDC and Grant Making department to expand its scope to more than just funds dissemination, to also support.
  • Lila: We need clarity of roles between what WMF's and Chapter. Including a stratergic plan. Stratergy should be more than just goals, it must be a direction taken by the whole movement.
    • All chapters and entities will be encouraged to participate on formulation of strategy. To identify strengths, weaknesses and as well as threats.
    • Community initiated projects such as Wikidata require more support from WMF.
    • Mediawiki is ancient and need to be mordenised.
  • Communications to be improved within WMF.
  • Request for an update of existing recognized chapters to be resolved.
  • Ownership and accountability is to be improved and monitored.
  • We need an official statement on the issue of small languages and small projects. Will WMF invest on these on not?
  • At the moment, as a movement we are not money strapped, but we are not able to prove that investments in donations are well used.
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