Board Meeting 7 February 2023

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WMZA Board Meeting February 7, 2023



  • Bobby
  • Coenraad
  • Deon
  • Douglas
  • Ingrid
  • Khetiwe
  • Michael
  • Nobanto
  • Shupai


General Updates

Budget reallocations

  • Some projects fall through, and new ones come up, which necessitate reallocation of budget line items
  • We clear >R10k changes with WMF
  • We're R80k short for interns
  • African Language support
  • Line item for reimbursement of time spent in meetings - R450/h, 4h/week


  • Fund applications through Flux
  • 13 employees in ZA (out of 700)
  • Bobby have lots of meetings with WMF staff, eg. 3 this week
  • Coenraad - requests minutes
  • WMF staff reach out to Douglas and Bobby, instead of board.
  • Douglas and Bobby to request they mail
  • and to highlight that our board is hands on and in the community and equally suited to help


  • Meetings times aren't tracked and expensed to right budget items
  • Coenraad notes that the bookkeepers can be asked to remedy
  • Administrator should be coordinating, notifying and tracking - if things slips by it needs we need more

Discussion on billable and non-billable items

  • To be discussed during grant workshops, and aligned with policy and strategy
  • Coenraad proposes line item similar to the WMF meetings items, for meetings to grow local projects
  • Bobby to share a draft policy

Khoi-san Community Project

  • Douglas linked with Wikimedia NL Koopman to set a date, agreed to proceed

Wikiindaba Steering Committee

  • Bobby represents us
  • Committee of Africans to discuss content-wide issues, successes, ideas
  • Two Wiki-indaba's annually, target countries will be announced on Feb 20

SA Akademie agreement

  • Agreement allows Sanita 6h to assist Deon with coordination
  • Douglas wants to discuss to have assistance from someone Pretoria side.

Mid-term report

  • Douglas needs updates from July 2022- Sep 2022

NB see ops meeting minutes as whole board was present

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