Board Meeting 5 October 2021

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WikimediaZA Board-Meeting

5 October 2021

Previous Minutes:


In attendance:

  • Douglas Ian Scott
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Delight Chiipunza
  • Deon Steyn
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Wynand Van Der Walt
  • Khetiwe Marais
  • Michael Graaf


Bobby Shabangu Coenrad Loubser Sincerity Lawrence Agenda Items stemming from previous minutes

Bots on Afrikaans Wikimedia

Hack UR Culture 2020

Rhodes Digitisaiton Funding

Rhodes UCT Collaboration LIASA Poster

Guest Presentations

Sipho Fako

Helene Perold Joined us, she used to work with Maryna the newly appointed Wikimedia Foundation at Harambee. Helene is currently working on research on volunteering in different parts of the world. The research focused mainly on research about how COVID-19 has impacted volunteering in different parts of the world. This links back to her work some years back when she established VOSESA ( to develop an evidence base about volunteering in the Southern Africa context. The organization ran for 10 years and helped to challenge Northern discourse about volunteering in the global South. Helene was introduced to the foundation and what it is all about, with 5 principles.

  • There are no set and stone rules which can be changed anytime.
  • The movement is a democracy and it is on an unpaid volunteering basis.
  • Non-political
  • Free content
  • Treat each other with respect and stability

Pitso Mashile


Moore Accounting Firm ( Nexia SAB&T Exceed To be tabled on the next board meeting agenda item being led by Bobby Shupai to check with Martha on our CIPC status and update Martha to get hold of BGC and update them, Deon was elected as the registered director. The address is out of date needs to be updated. Douglas working on documents on the chapters BPO

Wiki Loves Fynbos and Wiki loves Science

Douglas starting to work on the projects( Wiki loves Fynbos and Wiki loves science) as they will be hosted in December, an email was sent to Tony Rebello seeking assistance with the projects. Deon to contact within his networks individuals who can partake in the projects and assist. Seeking partners who will be interested in the two projects does not have to be academics. Dr. Charles Many were suggested as another person who might be interested in the project. It was said that there is a veteran Wikipedian who just completed their post-graduate degree in Botany who can be part of the Fynbos project. The S.Malteno has a contact in the botany community. link shared to see how photographic competitions are run and were run in the past.

Wikipedia Survey

University Outreach

Comms Update

The hunt for our various language ambassadors continues till the end of October. Board members were encouraged to share the link far and wide (, there is no limit to our ambassadors. Shupai will be sharing it on our social media. We need to compile a press kit for our chapter. Please dig into your devices to find any professional headshots of yourself so that your headshot and bio can be included in the press kit. An October newsletter will be issued out soon to members to send any news they would like to have in the newsletter. The foundation is launching a campaign soon, encouraging more people to edit the wiki. We had a successful meeting with them and the creative developer's videos will be on our YouTube channel. There is a need for a better understanding of the campaign and what it exactly entails.

Suggested Foundational issues to cover in videos

People might not know what is an encyclopedia and this needs to be explained to the masses in the videos. It was pointed out that some people do not understand how Wikipedia works, these videos need to be created to make people understand how it works.

  1. what is an encyclopedia and why is it valuable
  2. Wiki is fee and digital
  3. Wiki is made by volunteers and how you can get involved
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