Board Meeting 27 July 2021

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Wikimedia South Africa Board meeting 2021-07-27 18.00



  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Deon Steyn
  • Rossouw van Rooyen
  • Michael Graaf
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Wynad van der Walt
  • Douglas Ian Scott


  • Delight Chipunza


Previous minutes

End of Year Report

Douglas is the one who usually writes the end of year report. Board members were asked about the projects they worked on in the financial year of July 2020 till June 2021.

Shupai was asked to follow-up with board members in regards to their projects, noting that within that financial year from July 2020, not much happened due to Covid-19.

With information gathered from fellow board members Douglas will write the report for the foundation. Wynand to speak to Ingrid Thompson as she is one of the central partner in his projects. It was said that the Cape Town fires which affected the UCT library will be added in the report as it shaped the chapters thinking.

It was mentioned that this report is also being prepered for the upcoming AGM in September for the foundation and members.

Deon's amazing work in regards to Afrikaans Wikipedia and how he has helped it grow and should be mentioned in the report.

African Editors Awards Proposal

It was asked if it will be something that can be looked at if the Chapter were to have awards for African contributors, which can be physical barnstars for Africa.

Barnstars are community awards to editors for their contributions given by their community.

Barnstars can help the chapter on many levels, something to consider is hosting annual ceremonies, before the AGM to award editors on their achievements.

It was said the importance of the idea is to find a balance, maybe the awards can be given after every three years. Having these ceremonies is something worth exploring.


Wikimania is in 3 weeks' time, from the 13th of August to the 17th of August. Wikimania will be online and board members were asked to register.

Wikimania is requesting for people to hold virtual events and it was suggested for wikimediaZA to host their own virtual event for Wikimania, this can be an African meetup held through gather town, people can hang out and talk about African events.

It was said it is a good idea and there must be one person in the room, this will help to meet new people.

Wikimania events are being held on different platforms., such as gather town, just, and zoom.

Board members were encouraged to attend, Douglas to contact the event organizer and see if WikimediaZA can host an event. It was suggested that we can hold our virtual meetup through the clubhouse, but might be problematic as it is not open to everyone.


AGM is in September email has to be sent in august to notify the community about the AGM. The AGM is to be held at the same time as last year's AGM.

Board-Meeting Time

We can use Zoom for our board meetings as it is on a smaller scale. Zoom can be problematic if the administrator is off sick board members will not have access to the meeting.

Board-meeting times were changed to 6 pm as there were two board members who were not to attend the 7 pm due to personal reasons and other work commitments.

The majority of board members would like the meeting to be moved back to 7 pm as 6 pm has become quite difficult for them as they have to rearrange their other schedules.

Most board members voted for 7 pm and using zoom as the meeting portal.

Shupai to email the two members and confirm with them about the meeting time.

It was suggested that someone else should have credentials to zoom, in case the administrator is not available.

There is a google document with all the logins details for our logins details and all board members will have access.

As a board majority votes, counts and decisions should be made in regards to the majority

Chapters Policies and Protocol/Discussion

Democratization of decision-making in the chapter has to be unified.

As a chapter, some platforms are not voted on as a unified group.

As we operate together some decisions are taken on the "be bold" principle especially it is on a smaller scale.

We need to think carefully when it comes to finances, as much as we are open.

If it's a line item that is in the budget, the invoice needs to be sent to and if approved bookkeepers will action the payment.

If an item is not in the foundation budget it needs to be taken to the foundation first before action is executed.

Petty cash is in the budget and it can be vetoed via email or Whatsapp.

It was suggested that the chapter should minimize the payment administrations with small purchases if they can be paid from petty cash. Big purchases can be discussed in the board meetings.

It was said the Chapter should be efficient in making decisions.

There should be accountability within the chapter when it comes to finances

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