Board Meeting 23 November 2021

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WikimediaZA Board-Meeting

23 November 2021

Previous minutes:


In attendance:

  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Douglas Ian Scott
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Wynand Van Der Walt
  • Michael Graaf
  • Deon Steyn
  • Sincerity Maqueen Lawrence
  • Duduzile Khetiwe Marais


  • Coenrad Loubser
  • Delight chipunza
  • Nobantu Modise

Agenda items

Board Members Update

Douglas is working on Wiki loves science and Wiki loves Fynbos, the photographic competition has already started it started on the 16th of November 2021 which will run till the 16th of December 2021. The banner ads have been put up on Wiki. One of the judges is a Botanist who is an olympian editor S.Malteno is an editor on Wikipedia he is a specialist on South African aloes and family history. Prizes are modest which ranges from 650 to 350 rands. Deon Afrikaans Wikipedia stands 101,082 articles as of the 23rd of November 2021 There was an Afrikaans 20th birthday on the 16th of November. The Wikimedia CEO Maryana Iskander joined in on the festivities. The event itself was a success, pictures are posted on Wiki Commons. Deon to send a tv link to his interview. Africuration works with Moleskin Foundation and they partnered with the Chapter to run the project. Africuration is an ongoing partnership to train students who are keen on editing. New editors are to be invited to projects and meetups to meet community members to enable them an understand the movement. The main objective of Afrocuration is to raise awareness of the foundation focusing on high school learners and first and second-year students. Afrocuration has partnered with Community Hill looking at 4 universities and local schools in Gauteng that are affiliated with the Afrocuration project.


They used to be an administrator in the Chapter who was a Wikipedian, as a chapter where there is a high unemployment rate, it seems the chapter is a position to equip the youth with some skills. Bobby spoke to the foundation finance department. Being a paid editor is not accepted. It will be beneficial to bring some interns in cohorts who can assist Shupai in the communications department. Veronica agreed with the idea, the Chapter needs to look at the budget, where these monies can be channeled to the interns. It was said it will be a disservice if the Interns are not paid, and the chapter can pay an amount that doesn't surpass 5000 rands a month. Bobby needs to write a concept note to copy every board member and to be sent back to the foundation. The internship program has been given a green light by the foundation. need to find out where in the budget the money can be taken from. The intern will be paid for the communications, running social media campaigns and projects. A deeper conversation needs to be had, need to see how the interns can promote the African languages Wikipedia. Having interns in the Chapter is not a new thing. Interns are being brought on to address unemployment issues as well as community building. Nothing is cast and stone within the movement as long as everything supports free knowledge.

Internet connectivity subsidy

It is proposed that the chapter subsidize to otherwise pay for the internet access of super editors to continue their work editing Wikipedia. People will apply for this and it can be awarded based on the level of impact that the individual has on improving Wikipedia. In that spirit, it is proposed that the Chapter pay for or otherwise subsidize the internet connectivity of Deon Styen so that he might be able to continue making the substantial edits he has been making to Wikipedia.

  • Wynand proposes, Douglas seconds, Bobby supports. No objections; the motion passes.

It was Proposed that the Chapter subside to otherwise pay internet access for Michael as well, as he has been struggling with his connectivity for a long time. Douglas proposes, Wynand seconds, Bobby supports. The motion was passed. Shupai to notify Michael as he was no longer in the meeting due to a connectivity issue.

Editing Workshop

Not discussed event though it is on the agenda


Colleagues are encouraged to bring any project ideas they might have and want to run, to get some support for their projects. It was stressed that as a golden rule in Wikimedia paid editing is frowned upon and strongly discouraged. Bobby to write up a concept note about the internship proposal and send it to board members for their inputs. Data can be offered to editors to edit, and this has been in the talks with the foundation. There is still some policing to ensure that the data is used for accessing free knowledge. As a chapter, a decision needs to be made on the criteria of who receives the data. It was suggested that as a chapter there needs to be a clear structure on what can be paid for and reimbursed.

Last meeting for the year will be on the 14th of December 2021, the board wont be meeting on the upcoming meeting on 30 November 2021

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