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Review and approval of agenda

  • Approved.

Approval of previous meeting minutes (2012-11-17-Minutes)

  • Approved.

State of Wikimedia ZA

Summary of where we are as an organization:

  • Bank account setup and funding received from WMF (Wiki Loves Monuments 2012)
  • WLM 2012 successfully run and completed
  • Registered as a tax exempt organization in South Africa

Summary of state of Wikimedia South Africa to be drafted for release to Wikimedia global mailing lists:

  • Dumisani will send out to WMZA board list for review

Organizational structure

  • Membership list must be updated (David to action)
  • Need to appoint two directors: call special general meeting. (David to action: draft request sent)


  • FNB account is still open
    • Contains ZAR 3-4k
    • We do not have control of that account.
    • Only Charlene and Mohau are signatories on that account.
    • We need a written change of directors for FNB to release the funds.
  • ABSA Small business account currently in Lourie's name
    • Very high banking costs (+- R400 per month)
    • Funds should be transferred as soon as possible
  • Need to get audited (2012) and submit whatever is required by SARS.
    • Lourie to confirm requirements and recommend auditor.


Requirements for WMZA to become eligible for FDC funding:

  • Annual activity report (2012)
  • Annual financial report (2012)
  • Grant report (WLM 2012)

Technical aspects

  • Lourie will transfer the technical information about our servers and websites etc. to David.
  • David will create email addresses for board positions (e.g. secretary@wikimedia.org.za).
  • Account at host is moved into David's name (https://www.serv.co.za).
  • Seems like everything is working without any issues.

Current projects

  • Wikimania 2014 bid (Douglas).
  • Language-related program: Small-language Wikipedias (Dumisani).

Review previous year

Legal matters

  • Outstanding: David to draft official notification to Charlene that she has been removed from the board, to be sent by registered mail.
  • Mohau still to remove directors that have left and add new directors. Dumisani to follow up with him.
  • Public Benefit Organization registration at SARS (Douglas):
  • Company registration documents required.

Decision on Wikimania 2014


  • 20 years of SA democracy
  • Cape Town Global Design Capital in 2014
  • Wikimania hasn't been in Africa since 2007
  • It would build capacity in WMZA
  • It would raise our profile


  • London has a powerful bid already
  • We still have low capacity: although we can hire event organizers, we still need people to organize breakaway events etc.
  • Need a well-connected team of at least 4 members who can dedicate serious time to the bid.
  • London will be likely to support and help us after they've done Wikimania: we will be able to learn from them.
  • CTICC is the most natural venue and is often booked far in advance, but a new convention center (BMW pavilion in Waterfront) will be done by then.
  • 2015 will give us more time to develop outreach projects (e.g. GLAM events) to connect to bid.
  • If we have a successful bid and an unsuccessful Wikimania, it will raise our profile for the wrong reasons.


Recommend to postpone bid proposal to 2015 Wikimania. Send out request now for team members who can commit to putting together a full and 100% awesome bid for 2015.

  • Douglas will email the board list an email informing them that we will be 'postponing' our 2014 bid to 2015 for the above mentioned reasons.
  • Outsourcing: is about building contacts and resources for 2015

Decision on WikiIndaba

Goals for Wikimedia ZA

  • Demonstrate our organizational capabilities
  • Share our experiences of setting up a chapter
  • Build African capacity

Event Goals

  • Give regional members a chance to share project experiences


  • African countries only (keep it manageable)
  • Invite WMF global development colleagues.
  • Weekend (Friday evening until Sunday evening)


  • Johannesburg (save on flights)
  • Premier hotel (save on rental cars / transport)


  • November seems logical - timeline works out; David to post timeline on Wiki.

Start planning for WLM 2013

  • Work with NHC to secure funding (Dumisani).
  • Get at least 5 provinces involved.
  • Social development focus:
    • Nomination of monuments for consideration for national monuments list.
    • Solicit nominations as part of run-up to competition (July and August).
    • Photographs of nominated monuments during September.
  • Create categories on Commons for pictures of nominated monuments.
  • Work more closely with SAHRA to get good database in time.

Including report on WLM 2012

Projects and Outreach for 2013

GLAM Activities

  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 (See previous section)
  • Train the Trainer (David to set up proposal)


  • Get funding (possibly from City of Joburg or WMUK) for pilot project on 10 buildings in 2013, hopefully leading into a full project (Jo'burgpediA).

Wiki Loves Metro

  • Follow-up from JoburgpediA.
  • Run as schools project with prizes and hopefully creating articles in local languages.
  • Get City of Joburg to buy into it before launch, as it will raise their profile as well.

Wikipedia Zero

  • Emailed Praekelt Foundation and Wikimedia Zero to set up meeting. (David and Dumisani to follow up)

Discuss procedures for compensation of directors taking time off work for WMZA activities

  • ZAR1000 per day put forward.
  • Add to agenda of next General Meeting.
  • Procedure for approval to be in line with current financial approval limits
  • Approval will only be given in line with budgeted items on WMZA projects.
  • Documentation must be given to prove that leave was taken on that day.

Approve new director (will solicit applications before meeting)

  • Will be addressed at 9 February General Meeting.

Wikimedia Chapters Association representative nominations

  • David nominated by Dumisani; seconded by Lourie and Douglas. Dumisani to post nomination to chapter mailing list.
  • Dumisani moves that the General Secretary will be our chapter representative unless otherwise decided.

Delegates for Wikimedia Conference 2013

  • Takes places in Milan, Italy.
  • The conference will be 18 - 21 April.
  • We will confirm our representatives at the next meeting.
  • They have the full mandate to act on behalf of the chapter.

South African Wikipedias portal

  • Decided to follow the recommendation of Hugo and Daniel, and asked Hugo to implement it.
  • So far they did all of the work already and we would like to use this as an opportunity to get them more closely involved.

Next Meeting



  • MADe (talk) 10:23, 23 December 2012 (SAST)
  • Mohau Monaledi
  • Isla Haddow-Flood
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