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Wiki Loves monuments South Africa: Awarding Gala

The Awarding Gala event of Wiki Loves Monuments took place in Johannesburg on 17 November.

The judging was divided into two rounds. The first round began on the 11th of October and came to an end on the 21st of October 2012. In this round, the judges selected their favourite 10 pictures from the 1862 photographs submitted. In the second round, which ran from the 22nd October to the 27th October, the judges voted on the top 3 photographs in South Africa and the top 3 in the Western Cape from the pictures which they selected in the first round.

The judges rated the photos according to their aesthetic value, composition, and how effectively they feel the photograph informs the view of the monument (which is to say, gives them a feel for what it is like being at the monument).

Besides winning a prize in the national competition, the winning picture will be entered in an international competition to stand a chance of winning even more!

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