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*[[Board Meeting 21 September 2021]]
*[[Board Meeting 7 September 2021]]
*[[Board Meeting 24 August 2021]]
*[[Board Meeting 24 August 2021]]
*[[Board Meeting 10 August 2021]]
*[[Board Meeting 10 August 2021]]

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List of Wikimedia ZA Board Meetings


[edit] Steps to keep minutes and upload

Before meeting:

During meeting:

  • Update and motivate others to update minutes
  • Use WikiML format (like you see when you click edit on this page or one of the minutes' pages)

After meeting:

  • Edit this page and add the minutes' date
  • Click on the new wiki link you created and paste the minutes there
  • Remember to check the formatting, and to make sure the category is added (see previous minutes to compare)

Ask any board member or volunteer for help and improve these instructions if you can.

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