Board Meeting 19 May 2020

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Wikimedia ZA - Board Meeting - 19 May 2020
Wikimedia ZA - Board Meeting - 19 May 2020
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* Ian
* Bobby
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*Maroela Media - Pushed out till next meeting
*Maroela Media - Pushed out till next meeting
*Papa's contact details:
*Papa's contact details:
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Wikimedia ZA - Board Meeting - 19 May 2020


[edit] Attendees

  • Adri
  • Coenraad
  • Deon
  • Douglas - (left meeting early)
  • Michael
  • Rossouw

[edit] Apologies

  • Ian
  • Bobby

[edit] Agenda:

  1. Grant Proposal - Done and submitted.
  2. Papa Baiden from Afrocuration

[edit] Papa Baiden from Afrocuration

  • Papa has a proposal from the Moleskin foundation to enhance content on Wikimedia.
  • It seeks to do so by adding data relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Papa is recruiting members to help contribute to the cause.
  • Douglas suggests that in addition to our connections, we can also introduce Papa to other Chapters like
  • Deutshland, NY, DC and Netherlands as they may have many more editors who will want to contribute
  • Ameer, who is a verteran editor may be able to help setup incubator wikipedias
  • Main ask: Can we help Papa get a complete set of 10 articles done in the 11 languages.
  • Deon and Rossouw are opposed to using the Translation Tool
  • Michael is for using the Translation tool as a first stop in order to help who ever then takes the translation to completion.
  • Adri: We can contact our community in order to find native speakers and help with any necessary training.
  • Deon recommends using Aliwal as he speaks North-Sotho. Michael has someone that he has been grooming who writes in Zulu. He'll confirm. And we have a lot of Afrikaans writers.
  • Papa says that Pau and his team would appreciate our feedback on the translation tool.
  • Rossouw raised the point that different Wikis have different templates and so the template is broken when it goes through the translation tool.
  • Languages potentially covered so far: Afrikaans, North Sotho, Zulu
  • Deadline: 5 June
  • Maroela Media - Pushed out till next meeting
  • Papa's contact details:
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