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Five year plan: Strategy



  • Adri
  • Bobby
  • Coenraad
  • Deon
  • Douglas
  • Ian
  • Ingrid
  • Michael
  • Paul
  • Reuben
  • Wynand
  • Rossouw


  1. Agree on why we're doing this day: Need to grow our chapter, but having a 5 year plan helps us plan and support our budget and grant requests
  2. Go through the Challenges identified: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/77/Wikimedia_ZA_AGM_presentation_2019.pdf
  3. Agree on the order of importance of the challenges. e.g. If we solve one or two problems they may have affect on the other challenges as well
  4. Agree on project for Years 1-5
  5. Set KPI's and Goals for year 1
  6. One or two people to be assigned to each Goal that will be responsible for reporting back on tasks associated to those goals on a monthly basis

Join us at the following link to discuss: https://meet.jit.si/StrangeElvesQuestionRuthlessly

Note: Don't start too ambitious rather choose 2 projects and push it to completion than 5 projects that don't finish

AGM Etherpad https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/wikimedia-za-2020-agm

Strategic approach proposal

Possibly have three distinct yet interwoven sub-strategies in support of the vision

  1. Marketing/awareness strategy
  2. Content strategy
  3. Capacity/operations/community support

Each of these can be thrashed out to identify specific projects, and allow for opportunities e.g. funding


Challenges faced by the chapter

  • Diversity & Content
  • Language, Demographics, Geography
  • Capacity / Operations
  • Chapter capacity to effect impact (volunteers, staff(?))
  • Access
  • Access to free knowledge for both Wiki editors and the public
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to react quickly to impact opportunities
  • Awareness / Marketing
  • Increasing awareness to support chapter impact

Flexibility: Mandates - Actual / Current Opportunities

  • African language support (with the intention to create and grow wikipedia African languages editors and contributions)
  • Template: Use Wikidata and Templates to support low-resource languanges. This would give IT support to simplify editing to these editors
  • African Academic Outreach: Use Wikipedia at Universities and schools as a means of testing translation and writing skills - Identify universities that have African Language schools.
  • Bobby - Project Manager
  • Ingrid & Wynand to help with identifying Schools of Languages and individuals that can be approached
  • Afrikaans is most definitely indigenous language and part of the African languages group - Deon to manage Afrikaans as sub-project
  • Copyright reform
  • Freedom of Panorama / Fair Use
  • Champion outreach
  • African language champions example: Find people that have written their thesis in an African language as well as authors. Challenge them to bring friends to a "learn to edit" session. We can reach out to translators as well to translate content
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • UCT history example
  • Awareness opportunities
  • Wikipedia birthday example

Diversity: Suggested programs

  • Champion outreach (African languages)
  • School and University roadshow - Virtual this year, moving to in person next year
  • Thematic Editathons (Small towns, Women in Red, Climate Change, etc) - Keep this flexible so that if the opportunity arises, the Chapter will support this, but this project has a secondary priority to the projects already mentioned.
  • Learning Patterns - Wynand and Ingrid to PM this - https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Learning_patterns/Country_editor_base_survey_of_South_Africa_2015
  • Suggestion by Bobby: Encourage women in the community to run their own editathon and sponsor and help them to do it

Awareness: Suggested programs

  • Banner Ads for non-editors - Adri working on this. Be aware of banner fatigue. How to we improve the onboarding process at the same time?
  • Paid Advertising (the admin person would run with this in the future)
  • Education outreach (schools and universities) - Create pop-up editing sessions where we give schools the opportunity to pop online for a meeting where teachers and learners can ask questions about how to use Wikipedia. Show schools how to put the CAPS curriculum online. Deon and Wynand to coordinate
  • 1Lib1Ref - Suggest that we continue to support it Ingrid to nationally coordinate :)
  • Wiki Loves Competition (Monuments, Plants, Earth, Science) - Time and resources intensive. Adri suggested we can do this but looking at the following years. Not immediate. Priority 2 or 3
  • Wikipedia Zero support - Zero-rated by cellphone companies. Discussion for future for working group?

Access: Suggested programs

  • Copyright advocacy Continual priority
  • Wikipedia Zero support
  • Wikipedia bookshelf - small fund to buy books for Wikipedia editors in order to edit articles more efficiently. Supported. Manage page online (catalogue) on zulip
  • Oral citations support - in umbrella of academic approach. To include in efforts to capture oral traditions and digitise. (talk to Peter Gallard?). This should be a "Flexibility" item
  • GLAM access (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) - sort of discussed as part of Library program
  • Forward to Libraries (FtL) - Ruben to help :)
  • Creative Commons

Notes from Strategy Meeting

  • Metrics: We need to measure everything that we do and be better at measuring and recording what we do
  • We need to take people through a "contact journey"
1. Introduce them to Wikipedia via banner ads, FB and Twitter
2. Show them that they can edit
3. Tell them about a roadshow
4. Start interacting on a personal level with people at roadshows and offer support post


Sum of human knowledge, freely accessable to everyone, everywhere

  • Increase number of editors and readers of Wikipedia in South Africa
  • Make sure that editors and readers have access to Wikipedia
  • Increase the range of the editors contributing

We need to create a Community of Local Language Editors that can self-motivate to write and translate (metric: Number of super editors on each language wikipedia)

We need different strategies:

  • Funding
  • Marketing (Awareness)
  • Content
  • Operations

Specific Project Suggestions

  • Banner ad in multiple languages - Already WIP
  • Roadshow: Reach out virtually to all the universities this year. From next year we can reach out in person.
  • Awareness
  • Chapter Growth

Budget Questions

  • Assign budget to push some media banners (sponsored posts)
  • Roadshows - Start with 3 Universities that support isiXhosa, siZulu and seSotho
  • Paid Advertising: Add some money to the budget and see if WMF pays for it

Point People

  • Bobby is taking on African Language PM - Get details of Project, dates, and responsibilities. Wynand can help with point people at Universities. Ingrid can also help
  • Wynand is taking on Learning Patterns with Ingrid's support
  • Adri handling banner ads & onboarding experience of new users
  • Deon and Wynand to get back to us on CAPS curriculum
  • Ruben can help with importing any data into WikiData
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