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2020 AGM - Decide on Agenda
2020 AGM - Agenda
'''Date''': 28 November 2020 <br />
'''Date''': 28 November 2020 <br />

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2020 AGM - Agenda

Date: 28 November 2020
Time: 10:00 to 13:00 + 1 hour lunch intermission -> 14:00 return for board elections
Location: On your computer via Zoom, please register to join.


Review of previous year's AGM minutes

Annual Report

  • What we did this year
  • Financials

Planned for next year

  • Update on 5 year plan. What we discussed vs Where we are. Try to put hours against it
  • Strategic Partnerships - Moleskin, LIASA, Afrikaans Wiki and Akademie
  • Language Audit - Ask IAN to do this
  • Effect of COVID-19
Intermission for lunch

Vote for 2021 Board

  • Douglas will be stepping down as a candidate for president for the 2021; but would like to put himself forward for board membership
  • Note that Deon will not be able to join, but is willing to be nominated in absencia for the Board of 2021

Date of next AGM

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