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Meeting Planner

  • Date: 24 November 2013
  • Time: 10h00pm to 15h00pm
  • Venue: Premier Hotel


  • Theresa Hume
  • Douglas Scott
  • Dumisani Ndubane

Task List:

Things we need to sort out within Wikimedia ZA Chapter.


  • Getting business cards for: Dumi, Douglas, Theresa, Isla, Bobby, David, Maarten
  • E-mail addresses: need to get email addresses for everyone. Contact David R about this.
  • Post box: need to change to a Cape Town post box.
New post box
Remind Dumi about checking the old one and
Update our company profile with new P.O. Box
  • Filing: Keeping Google Dcos for now. Keeping hard copies for at least 5 years. Explore the idea of using Dropbox to phase out Google Docs.
  • Setup a petty cash: R2 000 into Theresa's other account. Will needed to be reported on (to the Directors) a monthly basis.
  • Sort out payroll issue (get a payslip for Theresa and sort out income tax) with a payroll company- urgently (done by 25th December 2013). [Theresa]
  • Wiki-community outreach
Introductory e-mail, facebook & blog (website) introducing Theresa to the community and her responsibilities and the nature of grant. Also cover what we have achieved in 2013 (WLM, JHBpedia).
Monthly update: e-mail, facebook & blog - updating people on what we have achieved over the past month.
  • Sort out Membership Database for Wikimedia ZA chapter. Based on Existing List
  • Setup a Paypal account.


Wiki Lovers Monuments ZA

  • Sort out MOU with Andrew Hall at Heritage Western Cape.
  • Contact Eric Itzkin about getting list of photographers
  • Put up pictures and write about awards ceremony (website/blog)
  • Thank you note to attendees at WKLM 2013
  • Add survey contacts to database
  • Link to Google Doc where the survey will be placed so that people can complete survey online. On Facebook as well
  • Consolidate all expenses for event
  • Report for WLM 2013 report due 90 days from 23rd November 2013 (23rd February 2014), deadline of 30th January 2014.


  • Complete 2013 report and expenses [Dumi]
Report to be sent to Wikimedia Foundation by the 27th November 2013. [Dumi]
Expenses to be sent through on the 24th November 2014. [Dumi]
  • Theresa to contact Jennifer for plaque pictures.

Wiki Indaba

  • Recommit the application for funds
  • 25 ZA national scholarships
  • 30 international scholarships
  • German Chapter head (Catrin Schoneville) : friend is a video maker, try and contact her about possibly making a video for Wiki Indaba and possibly also Wikimania 2015 bid.


  • two facilitators (non-Wiki related but with a background in phycology or organisation, students)
  • Complete application by 30th November 2013.

Wikimania 2015: Cape Town

  • Double check booking with Cape Town Convention Centre (CTICC) (July 2015), get an updated quote.
  • Connect with CTICC and Cape Town Tourism on accommodation options for delegates.
Cape Town Tourism: see how they can help promote the event and find sponsors.
Reconnect with Wesgro about securing local sponsors and informing local tech sector of the event.
  • Compiling a list of potential sponsors for the event and developing a value proposition for them
Local sponsors [Isla]
International [James Hare]
  • Filming a promotion video
Contact Victor G for possible contacts who can help
Contact Cape Tourism and Wesgro


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